Co-Parents be Damned. Kourtney Kardashian reportedly BANS her ex Scott Disick From Seing the Kids Till he Sobers Up

Kourtney Kardashian Bans Her Ex Scott Disick From Seeing the Kids Till he Sobers up – Report.

Kourtney and Scott co-parenting fiasco: She BANS Scott from seEing the kids till he “Sobers up.”

Co-parenting a la Scott and Kourtney has hit a major road bump!

Just when we were busy admiring them and being a little bit jealous about their trip to Cannes where they romanced different people (not each other but different people), the media reports that the famous exes are having a tiff because Kourtney thinks Scott has behaved badly.

So things did not go well in Cannes and, after all, Cannes is not Vegas. You can’t tell Kourtney what happened in Cannes stays in Cannes. Because she cannot support Scott’s out of control behavior.  “He is off the rails again!” she lamented to a source who revealed the lamentation to the international press corps.

Jesus. Mary. And Joseph.

When will these two grow up already and stop behaving like immature jealous brats? Clearly the whole thing in Cannes was a competition to see which of them could have the best time with the most lovers and Scott won because Kourtney is the one who is pissed even though she had a 24 year old adonis to enjoy the whole time. Really, Kourtney, did you think that Scott was going to be outdone?

Really, the two of you are out of control. Maybe you did not booze as much as Scott but for a mother of three young babies at home, you had no business being in Cannes cavorting with an adolescent like that, knowing that when you do, Scott does in fact go into a jealous meltdown and does stupid shit. YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN KOURTNEY. But you wanted to make a point and score points and get your revenge for Scott’s cheating ways.
Fine. You made your point with Younes. But then don’t come back to Los Angeles and pretend to be the Virgin Mary. We know you love your kids and you are a cool mom. But you also have a side of you that is a little bit…inappropriate and naughty and out of control. You have really been letting your bum hang out too much lately for a woman nearly 40 with three beautiful little kids and frankly Kourtney, what are you trying to prove? How do you righteously throw the book at Scott given your own adolescent behavior? And I ask this with love. It is not just a question of booze. Maturity is more than just not boozing. You should not have been cavorting in Cannes the way you were when you have young children, Kourtney.
Both you and Scott are wrong and both you and Scott are off the rails.

And I say this with love. But if you want him to grow up and be more mature, you have to lead the way cause he clearly needs guidance and going to Cannes with homeboy Younes and showing off your pretty little butt in those dental floss thong bikinis sure is not the way to keep the father of your children sober!

It was cruel, Kourtney. You wanted to make Scott jealous and you succeeded but now you want to be holier than thou and I think this is not very cool. The boy is a mess, no question. But you did not help by toting your toy boy Younes to French Riviera.


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