Tiger Woods DUI Mugshot: Divorce from Elin, Injuries and Bad Golf Have Taken a Toll on the Golf Legend

Tiger Woods DUI Mugshot is Terrible! This guy is at rock bottom!

Tiger Woods DUI Mugshot is terrible and if a picture speaks a thousand words, Tiger Woods DUI Mugshot is saying that since his 2009 divorce from Swedish stunner Elin Nordegren, his life has fallen apart completely and he is now at rock bottom.

Om my god!

The golfing legend, second in the history of the sport for number one trophies, was arrested in Florida over the weekend on suspicion of driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

Poor Tiger. He really does look like hell and I am not saying this to rub it in.
It has been eight years since that fateful night in Florida when he smashed his SUV and someone smashed the window of his expensive car, followed by the women paraded by Gloria Allred to cut a piece of Tiger’s money toe.

He has never recovered from the divorce that Elin slapped him with following the allegations of sexual infidelity that he apparently engaged in during their marriage.

Tiger’s DUI Mugshot is pretty sad actually. It almost makes you feel bad for a guy who has achieved so many professional accolades and made so much money – an obscene amount even while he was sidelined due to various injuries he made nearly $50 million in one year – and yet has made such a royal muck of his life.

Of course, the arrest for DUI could have been due to either alcohol or drugs. This is according to a Reuters report. If it is alcohol it is maybe sadder than if it is prescription drugs. Because it would mean he has probably morphed into a closet alcoholic who is crying out for help by getting arrested.

The prescription drugs are also dangerous of course and have led to a lot of shocking deaths of very famous people in society, hasn’t it? Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis Pressley, Heath Ledger, so many people have died from drug overdoses of prescription drugs and fewer have died suddenly of alcohol related overdoses.

So while the alcohol would be sad, maybe the prescription is a bigger problem.
Still, if it is prescription drug that led to a DUI arrest, it is understandable given that Tiger has been on all these meds for all the pain he has been feeling due to his injuries.
It’s a mess.

The guy made a royal mess of his life. He messed up his life.

The divorce from Elin and the destruction of his family and reputation could not have been worth the romps in the sack he was enjoying on the side when he was caught.

Tiger Woods DUI mugshot is one for the ages, though. It is one of the worse mugshots I have ever seen personally. I feel bad for Tiger having it come to this and his poor father must be turning over in his grave.

Why doesn’t he just reconcile with Elin? Is it too late for her to take him back?

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