Is your job destroying your marriage? Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are Exhibit "A" For when your job is bad for your marriage

Is your job destroying your marriage? How can you tell if your job is killing your marriage or affecting your marriage in a bad way?

Your job could be ruining your marriage. But can you discern that your job is bad for your relationship?

Is your job destroying your marriage? The answer to this question may not be completely apparent to the naked eye. For some people, they need a microscope to discern the subtle micro organisms. They are just basically blind to this issue and are daft and totally oblivious and by the time they realize their workaholic ways are wrecking their home life, it is too late.

job affecting your marriage?
job ruining your marriage? Or are you oblivious?

I can tell you this much: the rumors that President Trump’s son in law may have engaged in unlawful conduct when he allegedly discussed a “back channel operation/line of communication with the Russians prior to the President’s inauguration as President” is a job stress that, left unchecked could totally wreck Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s marriage.
The way it looks at the moment, Jared Kushner’s job could very well be “ruining his marriage” to Ivanka Trump. Why do I think Jared’s job is killing his marriage? Well, what is going on right now in Washington is so closely intertwined with his marriage. That is, he got his job through some sort of nepotism, in my view. This is solely my opinion but this was prima facie nepotism when a guy like Jared gets a job like that with no prior experience doing the things he is tasked with doing. Ditto for Ivanka even though her job is unpaid.

Be that all as it may, the close ties with his personal life to his professional life cannot be denied and when Jared Kushner’s professional life implodes, it should not come as a huge surprise that his personal life

job destroying your marriage?
job affecting your marriage?

will implode as well. The only saving grace is that Jared and Ivanka reportedly have a six month review exit strategy in place. Every six months, the couple reportedly have promised each other that they will review the past six and determine if they want to continue in D.C. and thus with their jobs at the Oval Office in the White House. This means that if Jared is really, really miserable at his job, Ivanka has no problem with pulling the plug on their life in D.C. and returning to private life in their cushy circumstances in New York and New Jersey.
So this marriage may yet be saved.

But enough about Jared and Ivanka. What about you? How do you know if your job is affecting your marriage or worse, literally killing your marriage?

I think that it is not always easy to discern that your job is actually bad for your marriage but usually you should be able to tell. For example, does your job involved a lot of stress that you bring home with you everyday? Are you being accused of legal, criminal or moral wrongdoing that keeps you up at night? Are you working for your in laws whose very reputation or financial fortitude rests somehow on your shoulders? Is your spouse unusually close to his or her parent for whom you work as well? Do you find your job stressful? Are you miserable everyday you have to get up and go to work?

What can you do if you think your job is ruining your marriage? Well, if you don’t want to end up divorced, consider that you should change or quit a job that is affecting your marriage in a negative way. It make no sense to be a sitting duck and let a job destroy your marriage – especially not if you are in a position to do something about it. Any job that causes you so much stress that you can’t sleep at night, for example, is a job that potentially is bad for your marriage.

And if you work for your in law? And he is president of the United States? And you start getting really bad press about your conduct in the context of your job? This job will affect your mariage and could ruin your marriage and as quickly as you can, you should consider just getting out of there and finding a new position someplace else.

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