(Divorce Industry Buzz) Attorney Fees: How much does the average divorce lawyer charge these days?

DIVORCE INDUSTRY BUZZ: Attorneys Fees, by Claire le Roy
How Much Does the Average Divorce Lawyer Charge Per Hour? What are the norms in the Industry?
The buzz in the divorce industry about attorneys fees charged by divorce lawyers is that the average divorce lawyer will charge his or her client $250.00 per hour to handle a contested divorce case. This is not expected to go up anytime soon. If anything, with competition from online legal services mills, this average price could foreseeably fall. But whoever said that attorneys practicing in the divorce industry cream their clients do not know the whole story about attorneys fees. Divorce lawyers come in basically three camps.
Divorce Industry Buzz: Attorneys Fees
Divorce Industry Buzz: Attorneys Fees
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The breakdown is as follows:
So what is considered a cheap divorce lawyer? In the divorce industry, a divorce lawyer who charges less than $100 per hour to handle a divorce case is a cheap divorce lawyer. The thing is that in the divorce industry, many lawyers offer a fixed rate for the divorce, especially if it is uncontested. So they may charge the client $500 to handle a divorce case and this may take up more than 5 hours of the divorce lawyer's time so in fact the lawyer is charging a lot less than $100 per hour. So it depends on how you look at it.
If a divorce lawyer's attorneys fees are between, say, $150 -$300 per hour, in the divorce industry this is considered an average or "reasonably" priced divorce lawyer. As noted earlier, the average divorce lawyer actually charges the magic, sweet spot fee of $250 per hour.
An expensive divorce lawyer is anything over $300 per hour. Some lawyers have been known to charge up to $650 per hour in the expensive category. Does the price of the divorce lawyer correlate to the quality of service a client will receive? That is a question for another post.