The Good Divorce Lawyer NYC

The Good Divorce Lawyer NYC: Are Good Client Reviews Enough to  Judge Your Lawyer?

The Good Divorce Lawyer NYC: How Can you Tell if Your Divorce Attorney is Good?

Where are the “Good Divorce Lawyer NYC”? A lot of people, when they are getting divorced, jump on the Internet and google “Good Divorce Lawyer .” It is a popular search term and keyword for people searching for both for contested and uncontested divorce. One wildly successful New York Divorce Attorney told me “A ‘good divorce lawyer’ is hard to find.” In New York City you have at least two divorce lawyers for every one divorce client. It is a tough and competitive market for the practicing attorneys but what about the clients? How do they pick? It’s like picking lotto numbers hoping you get the right combination!

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But really, how does a person decide what or who is a good divorce lawyer NYC? Here are my thoughts on what makes a “good divorce lawyer.”

  1. A good divorce lawyer is an expert in divorce and not a jack of all trades (even though just because a lawyer practices in other areas of the law does not mean that he or she is not a totally competent divorce practitioner but odds are if the lawyer only practices divorce and family law, and only handles divorces and separations and family law issues all day long, he or she is going to be, (usually!) an expert after a certain number of years just focusing on that area of law.
  2. The “good divorce lawyer near me” is well respected in the divorce industry including at court and among his or her peers. If judges and other divorce practitioners balk when they hear the name of your divorce lawyer, it is usually a telling indication that this person is probably not a “good divorce lawyer.” Because it is more than just being an expert. They also have to be respected among their peers.
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  1. Former clients’ reviews are an important metric to consider when you are searching for a good divorce lawyer near you. Why? Well, they actually bought the lawyer’s services and can vouch for the lawyer’s competence, skill and professionalism probably better than anybody else. Of course, you have to consider the source of the review. Not all clients are reasonable or objective.  You could have the loose cannon client, the nut job client or the unreasonable client who is not happy with anything or anyone. So you do have to do your homework and research the good divorce lawyer near me for yourself and take into account more than just one review from one client who may very well be unjustifiably disgruntled. (#GOOD DIVORCE LAWYER NYC)
  2. The good divorce lawyer near me is human and gives a crap about his or her clients beyond just their bank account. So this person is empathetic, reasonable, personable and helpful. They are also professional and return your calls and communications like emails and text messages in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. The good divorce lawyer is energetic and can go the distance in terms of trials or anything the other side throws at them. They are not wimps. They are not rusty and out of shape and out of touch. They keep up with everything including technology, CLEs and most of all with the opposing side of the divorce dispute. They are in good health and in good form and they are fit mentally and physically. They are not abusing substances nor are they suffering any ailments that get in the way of their ability to stay sharp and keep up with their case load. This way they ensure that their clients’ best interests are met.
  4. The good divorce lawyer preferably has no disciplinary complaints filed against him or her with the state bar disciplinary committee.
  5. The good divorce lawyer NYC is a balanced professional and expert. They are aggressive when needed but that is not necessarily their reset button because this person understands that not every client wants a bloodbath when it comes to how their divorce is handled. Not every client wants a vicious battle. Some want a more cooperative approach. At the same time, there are those cases that require a pitbull and your divorce lawyer has enough of a range in their abilities that they can adjust to suit your case.

Good luck finding a good divorce lawyer NYC!

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