Divorce Industry Buzz: Father's Rights Law Firms Are the Hot New Niche!


Father's Rights Law Firms are mushrooming all over the country and around the world. Law firms whose specialty is Father's Rights in divorce actions abound not only in the USA but also abroad.  Why is this niche growing so rapidly? Because many men feel that they are being cut out of their children's lives after divorce and that divorce courts are biased in favor of mothers being the custodial parent.

They see it as a civil rights issue and as discrimination against fathers. But other people see the rise in this new niche as troubling and they see it as a rise in misogyny and a threat to mothers' rights who are already at a disadvantage financially. . This new niche of divorce law firms is seen as a marketing ploy by some people. These people argue that there really is no difference between the genders in divorce court and so there is no need to distinguish father's rights from mother's rights. Whatever the case may be, there are a lot of divorce lawyers specializing in Father's Rights divorce cases. For many, that is all they handle.

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