On Gwyneth Paltrow's Billion Dollar Vagina and Other Ways the Goopster Inspires Women Who Are Divorced

Gwyneth Paltrow’s billion dollar Vagina: How Divorced Women Can “Milk” Inspiration From Goop’s Irreverent CEO

Really? Gwyneth Paltrow’s Billion Dollar Vagina is a Blog post?!

Gwyneth Paltrow’s billion dollar vagina is a topic the actress turned CEO opened for discussion when she made the startling revelation during an interview with Airbnb founder on YouTube. At least, I think that is what I just heard her say on this YouTubevideo. Was I hallucinating? Did she vouchsafe that her eponymous pussycat is worth one billion bucks?!
That is an expensive you-know-what! How did she come up with that valuation?
But then I thought to myself, “you know what? Why not? This is healthy hubris. Every women should think this highly of herself. And especially women who are recently divorced like Gwyneth.”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s billion dollar vagina notwithstanding, the Hollywood sweetheart is all over the place these days, hobnobbing with the media and doing PR for her brand, Goop.

It’s like, who needs a famous husband? Who needs Hollywood? I would not be surprised if she starts some type of reality series for the E Network, like the Kardashians, around her daily routine at her Santa Monica office.

But in the meantime, Miss Paltrow is quite an inspiration in many different ways

This has mostly happened since her divorce and her taking the reins over at Goop full time.
Many divorced women are the worse for wear after their divorce. They just dry up. They become bitter and angry and depressed. But not Gwyneth. She has famously said that her life comprises big losses and big wins and that she “milks the shit out of every opportunity.” Plus, she is smiling, happy, chic and cool (and younger!) every time you see her!

Divorced women should take a page out of Gwyneth’s life after divorce, her playbook. They should rethink everything, starting with how they see and value themselves. They need to unleash their inner billion dollar pussycat. (giggle). And then, they need to take charge of their lives and do something BIG like Gwyneth is doing with Goop.

Start, for example, by turning your divorce into a brand. How you like dem apples?

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