On Divorce Subreddits on Reddit.com: An Interesting Learning Universe for People Going Through Divorce


Divorce subreddits. What the heck is that? Right? Divorce subreddit. Huh??

Well, I recently, as in 5 minutes ago, I swear, discovered this website called reddit.com. Can you believe it? That I only just found this venue? I was researching something else and stumbled upon the site’s stats. I was not aware that it is one of the top 10 websites on the Internet! Wow. I have always had a reputation for living under a rock and this was a classic moment when I had to agree with my critics.

So on Reddit, you have all these “subreddits.” These are just subcategories where you can post texts and links and photos, and where you can also post comments. It is very interesting.
So one of the subreddits which you can find at this link is all about “what are your post divorce goals?”

It was interesting because you get to hear real people expressing their real goals for their lives once their divorce is over.

Things like:

It was very interesting because for a lot of these people, you have to wonder why they could not have done these things with their spouse? Why did it take a divorce to have these basic pleasures? Is marriage really that stifling and that restricting? You can’t finish college because you are married? Seriously? Wow.

I have recommended that Divorce Saloon create a subreddit on reddit but I am told creating a divorce subreddit is a whole process. First, you have to get a certain number of up votes. Now ask me how many upvotes we have so far on reddit and I will get so insulted, I might throw pie in your face.

No, but you should check out reddit. It is an interesting universe and a lot of divorced people are over there.

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