Divorce Museum: New Acquisitions June 2017

Divorce Saloon Museum of Divorce has made the following acquisitions in June 2017

This month, I selected four new pieces of artwork which I found on Flickr for Divorce Saloon Museum of Divorce.

They are as follows:

  1. The Brides of March by Darron Birgenheier. The artist took this photo in Reno Nevada, circa 2015. It shows the humorous side of marriage and divorce and brings to mind a divorce party that just goes off the rails. The group shot shows both men and women decked out in bridal wear. They all look to be having fun, but it did get you to thinking about what went wrong in all their marriages.
  2. Gray Divorce Couple by Artist Unknown. I selected this piece because I thought it was timely and I think this is an interesting area of divorce – the gray divorce set. Divorce Saloon has a category for this demographic and our editor Isabella Alexander recently did an article about gray divorce called Gray Divorce Are You at Risk. Indeed, we have done a few articles and our new editor Isabella Alexander has a few more articles on this topic in the pipeline. Gray divorce rates are rising and there are many theories about why that might be. I am not sure that I am fully persuaded by any of the explanations of this phenomenon, however.
  3. Memories from an Abandoned Victorian Home 2017, by Artist Unknown. This very interesting photograph shows an open suitcase filled photographs and other memorabilia, in an empty, abandoned victorian home. It made me think about the life and lives that occurred in these walls and it made me wonder how and why it all ended.
  4. It If this Bra Could Talk, Bec 2008. This photograph was interesting and caught my eye because it looked like an item of clothing that had had quite a history. It is not a particularly “sexy” piece of lingerie, but I could picture it being somehow related, however tangentially, to somebody’s divorce. So I decided to add it to the collection.

Well, that is all for this month. See you next month with the new additions. Thanks for viewing and come back soon.