Divorce Lawyers: On Hiding Oil Wells, Oceanside Penthouses & Overpaying the IRS by $10 MILLION to Avoid EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION


Speaking of all those “oil wells pumping in your living room”, Miss Maya ANGELOU, I just visited reddit.com, again, for the second time in my life.

I actually think Reddit might be a perverse kind of soddom and gomorrah to tell you the truth. Well, at least, the thread I just read is. In my opinion.

For example, it seems some guy had had adventures with goats “Divorce Lawyers of Reddit” – there seems to be an ongoing discussion about someone copulating with goats. I mean, I think that’s what it was and I thought “oooookay…. Was this the basis for the divorce action, therefore?”

But then I read some other stuff about how spouses are hiding assets from each other during a divorce. There was talk about this one husband who hid an oil well from his spouse. I thought, “how the heck do you hide an oil well”? Isn’t that really big? But apparently, that is very common. Especially in places like Los Angeles, where, it is rumored, a lot of oil wells are hidden in plain sight. Actually, there are a lot of people in Los Angeles with a lot of money and assets. Divorce in Los Angeles therefore must often involve some manipulations of assets.

This other husband apparently overpaid the IRS by $10 million and then requested a refund after the divorce was finalized.

The people in the thread seemed to appreciate the guy’s brilliance… are they divorce lawyers? I am not sure to tell you the truth.

Another hubby, according to the thread,  hid a beach front penthouse and other real estate holding including ownership of an apartment complex from his wife, and she wasn’t the wiser till after he died. I thought to myself “wow! Divorce has gotten a lot more devious than

I ever would have realized had I not found Reddit! 

But seriously, what will people hide next?

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