Divorcés Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez in Paris, Coté d'Azur: Can this Latino "It" Couple du Jour Last?

JLO & A-Rod Living it Up in France: Will This Superstar Latino “It” Couple From New York Last?

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez are vacationing in France. The new Hollywood “it” couple, no stranger to divorce (how many divorces have they had between them both?) are living it up in France, mere months after getting together. Forget traveling after divorce. For them, it is about traveling before marriage.

Has it even been three months at this point? They really go big, quick. They are not Gwyneth & Brad (Falchuk), for sure,  who have been hiding their couple for years. No, Jennifer Lopez wants everybody to know that she has a big catch and the last thing she is inclined to do at this point, is hide her affair. She is taking this thing global, darling, hence the over the top trip to France.

Jennifer and Alex flew the private jet from Miami to the Coté d’Azur where they spent an inordinate amount of time sunbathing aboard a private yacht. Several images of Jennifer doing various catwalks in skimpy bathing suits made the international gossip headlines for the week. After, they also visited Monte Carlo and Nice. After having their fill of all that sun and luxury (she probably thinks of herself as the new Elizabeth Taylor) they flew once again by private jet, to their next destination, Paris, where the loved up couple stayed in the presidential suite at the Hotel Meurice which faces the Jardin de Tuilleries and Louvre. From there they took a number of selfies all of which made the cut for social media and hard-core news outlets. Notably, they have a penchant for wearing matching outfits. This could be a good sign of their synchronicity, at least.

But Will this thing last till Labor Day?

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez are two Latino superstars well-beloved in their ethnic community even though both have a diverse fan base that spans many cultures.  Jennifer is probably the most famous of them both, considered a triple threat in music, acting and dancing – with accolades in probably each genre and her own Hollywood walk of fame. It is a match made in Hollywood heaven. But given both their track records, it is doubtful this thing will really last.

For one thing, Jennifer is not very good at staying married if her past is any indication. And perhaps she is not fantastic with relationships either, because she is as famous for her breakups as she is for being a triple threat in entertainment. She has had a long line of lovers which include Sean P. Diddy Combs, Ben Affleck (who is rumored to be trying to get her back), Drake and Oscar Smart. She has had about three marriages so far that include Chris Judd, Ojani Noa and Marc Anthony. She clearly is a highly desirable woman. This can have its advantages as well as its disadvantages as far as being able to sustain a long term relationship.

Alex, on the other hand, is rumored to have dated a long line of Hollywood “it” girls and actresses including Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Madonna and Demi Moore. And recently he was with a Silicon Valley executive.

The baseball star was once married to Cynthia Rodriguez and the former couple has two daughters.  Alex and Cynthia were definitely royalty in the sports arena. A successful athlete, Alex apparently found it difficult to remain faithful during his marriage to Cynthia (according to allegations she made at the time but which he demanded be stricken from court records) and the two divorced in 2008 months after the birth of their second daughter. Cynthia also accused her then husband of “emotional abandonment.”

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez as a couple definitely have star power and it factor. People will be very interested in their relationship and this can be good for both their careers (especially his at this point because she is already as famous as it is possible to be famous).
Their over the top dates will be fodder for gossip columnists and bloggers and Brands “JLo” and “A-Rod” will benefit from the extra publicity. Will the longevity factor of their relationship also benefit? Or will all this media attention prove to be negative? Should they try to be more low key?

This is hard to say. And evidently, when you are Jennifer Lopez, it is also hard to do.

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