Divorce Court Appearances: How to Look Pretty and Stay Cool and Fresh All Day at Divorce Court

Summer divorce court appearances can be a challenge to pull off But You Can Stay Cool With These Tips

How to Look and Feel fresh and Pretty at Divorce Court

Summer divorce court appearances are for the birds, no question about it. It is just too hot in most courtrooms for most people to have to remain poised, civilized and (gasp!) pretty. Actually, pretty is as pretty does in the summer divorce court room, especially if you are talking about an all day divorce trial. And not to be sexist about it, but there tends to be a gender divide in this situation. Maybe it’s because men don’t have to worry about their melting foundation?

So how do you maintain your sangfroid and fresh glow during your summer divorce court appearances while the judge is grilling you about your broken marriage and your soon to be ex is straight up lying on the witness stand about your marital history and your very integrity to boot?

A key component of a pulled together look at divorce court in the summer is your face. Your make up is definitely going to be something you need to think about for summer divorce court appearances.

What is the #1 beauty trick? Go lite. When the mercury hits 80° Fahrenheit or higher (god forbid 90° or above that) you really don’t want to wear make up that is too heavy, oily and runny. Because it is going to melt in the courtroom and you are not going to look very attractive. And statistics show that people who are perceived to be attractive get a better outcome (whether you are talking about divorce or whatever) than other people who are less attractive.

Stay dewey and fresh before the divorce judge during your summer divorce court appearances.
  1. Keep your makeup to a minimum. If you don’t need make up, consider skipping it completely
  2. Wear oil free foundation if you have to use foundation at all
  3. strive for a nude palette (nothing too heavy, dark, or matte)
  4. skip eye shadow or just lightly coat with a lipstick stain
  5. go extremely light with mascara
  6. skip heavy lipstick and just go for a stain on your lip. In fact, you can use just one product to stain your lips, cheeks and eyelids!
  7. Carry blotting papers in your pocket book to dab your face when you feel oily and wet
  8. Go easy on face powder
  9. Get a simple manicure in a neutral shade (avoid carnival colors)
  10. If you are going to wear an open toe sandal get a pedicure too.
  1. Something very lite and summery or nothing at all
  2. Dab just your key zones such as wrist, behind your ears, décolletage, behind your knees. (avoid spraying on your perfume as this can be overpowering in the hot courtroom)
  3. Try Coco Chanel Mademoiselle or Vera Wang Princess. Better yet, check out the article on “Good Luck Perfumes Wear to Divorce Court.”
  1. Double coat your deodorant
  2. Carry breath mints
  3. Carry blotting paper
  4. Carry baby wipes
  5. Shave all extraneous or unneeded hair from your body
  6. Go easy on heavy crèmes, lotions and pomades
  1. Wash it the day before court
  2. Aim to keep your hair off your face and skin so if you have long hair, put it up in a bun or ponytail
  3. Use bobby pins to keep hair up and off your neck and back.
  1. Wear minimal jewelry
  2. Avoid long earrings and elaborate neck pieces
  3. Go for a simple pearl, diamond, cubic zirconia stud
  4. Wear a watch
  5. One ring is sufficient
  6. No rattling bracelets (silent jewelry in the court room please!)

In How to dress for Divorce Court, we offered some tips on the art of dressing for the occasion. What can I add?

  1. Wear cool fabrics like cotton, rayon, silk, jersey, seersucker and linen
  2. Avoid polyester, wool, lined suits, pantyhose, and
  3. Do not show too much skin, even if it’s hot (be sure your breasts are fully covered, for example, don’t wear hot pants, avoid heels that are too high and skirts too short).
  4. Choose cool, neutral colors for your outfits
  5. Be sure your clothing is clean, laundered and pressed.

Absolutely nothing has a greater potential to wreck your summer divorce court appearances poise, like having the wrong thing for lunch. You have to be careful what you ingest in between the time the judge breaks for lunch and when you get back for the afternoon session. So here are some additional tips:

  1. Keep alert by avoiding heavy meals and instead have a salad with a little bit of protein (tuna, sardines, lettuce, dill, tomatoes, olives, pasta, etc)
  2. Keep cool by having ice cream or shaved ice for a snack
  3. Drink lots of water to avoid becoming dehydrated but not too much that you will need to keep running to the bathroom during the trial
  4. Avoid alcohol.

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