On Making Love "All Day Long" to Save Your Marriage: Is this Glorified nonsense or can it work?

Can Making Love All Day Long Save Your Marriage?

I just clicked on one of the spam emails in my spam folder, just for kicks, and there was this one guy who was selling a course on saving marriages and one of his tips was “making love all day long.” I just thought “but of course.”

How would that actually work. Keeping in mind there are 24 hours in the day but we sleep for eight of those so really there are only 16 hours in the day. This is not a lot of time, except if you are going to be having 16 hours of marathon sex all in the name of saving your marriage. Forgot all the other why not. Just imagine the complete obliteration of your pubic epidermis! I mean, by any definition of the word, 16 hours of sex is a lot of sex. Do you agree?

And notwithstanding the physical drawbacks, what is to come out of it from a spiritual and emotional standpoint? I mean what? What are you going to do? I mean, what?? You know? For all that time? How much love can you make before you get fed up?

I just think that people just come up with all sorts of hair brained schemes and sometimes, I get a little bit annoyed and sometimes I am amused. Sometimes, I am maybe even disturbed. I mean, can you imagine lying there for 16 bleeping hours having numbing sex when you have to get things done whether to go to work or to take care of the kids, or to do the laundry or cook?

I mean, you do it all day long. And then? What? Your marriage is what? Saved by osmosis?
It is a form of slothfulness, I think, to screw (and I mean, excuse me, I know this is vulgar but this guy annoyed me) for sixteen hours – no matter what the reason. And I say sixteen hours thinking that at some point these people are going to go to sleep.

For heavens sakes. Do you think Steve Jobs and Bill Gates and Sergei Brin and Mark whatever his name is would spend this amount of time on this vapid activity? And ironically; they all had/have happy and contented wives. So that just goes to show you.

I just think if your marriage is in that much trouble, just get a divorce.

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