But. Is there an Up Side to Sleeping With Your Divorce Lawyer?

Sleeping with your divorce lawyer

Could there be an upside to sleeping with your divorce attorney?

Yesterday, I wrote this. Today, I am asking myself if there might be an upside to sleeping with your divorce attorney. I guess I can’t make up my mind if I am a prude or a pepper pot.


So, this post is really just to be cheeky (no pun intended). I actually do not think there is any upside to sleeping with your divorce lawyer. For one thing, my colleagues have informed me (I didn’t even know this till they informed me) that a divorce lawyer who sleeps with a client and gets caught can be disbarred.


Can you believe it?! Just to have a little bit of sex with a consenting adult?!
So for the divorce lawyer, maybe there is no upside. I mean, well, maybe there are. But he or she has to be very, very careful.

For the client, could there be an upside? Hme…well, there is always blackmail. The divorce lawyer can just handle the case (no matter how complex) for free or face being squealed upon by the client. But I am told blackmail is against the law. You can’t shake down your lawyer for free attorneys fees.

I mean, look. With very few exceptions, I am told that no divorce lawyer in their right mind has ever slept nor would ever sleep with their client. Divorce lawyers are very sensible, shrewd people and they have spent a lifetime building their brand and they are not about to ruin it for a silly roll in the sack with random clients. Not as a general rule.

But if I were to play devil’s advocate, I am just wondering if there is an upside? This is not my area of posting really. It’s Kristen who is the sex expert over here. But I wanted to throw that question up. Because could there be an upside to sleeping with the lawyer? I mean, what if?
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