What to "Desire" in July 2017 (for the recently divorced)


Your list of Desires for July
1. A signature new fragrance that brings you good luck 2. Diamond Studs from Tiffany's (gift to self ok) 3. Fenty Pumas to unleash your inner Rihanna (complete with a Saudi billionaire NEW boyfriend) 4. A quirky alarm clock that you can sleep through but that wakes up the neighbors at 4:30 a.m. on the weekends (revenge!) 5. A Russian lover (but only if he is a billionaire with a London pad, expensive yacht and a heart that could never commit murder) 6. A secret garden 7. A jade egg for your lady parts à la Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop (REGULAR INSERTS WILL REPORTEDLY TIGHTEN YOUR GIRL REAL QUICK) [banner id="36116" caption_position="bottom" theme="default_style" height="auto" width="auto" show_caption="1" show_cta_button="1" use_image_tag="1"] 8. A BIG promotion at work 9. A BIG win in divorce court 10. Dior nail polish (3 shades)

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