Teenage Divorce: On Why Teenagers Get Divorced at a Higher Rate Than Older Adults

Teenage Divorce: Why do Teenagers Get Divorced at a Higher Rate than Older Adults?

The teenage divorce rate is pretty high. Scarily high. Close to 70 percent of married teens will wind up divorced. I personally think that teenage marriages are doomed out of the starting bloc. Frankly speaking, I don’t think that teenagers were not meant to get married and I don’t know why so many continue to buck the stats because their marriage is doomed.

Don’t tell that to my friend Madge whose teenage parents are celebrating their 52 anniversary this year. She doesn’t believe there is anything intrinsically wrong with getting married when you are just shy of a decade out of the womb yourself. And sure, I can admit that in some cases, like Madge’s parents, it works out. How, I don’t know; but it works out. But for the most part, it is a massive divorce risk and I just think teenagers should abstain from marriage till they are older, maybe in their late 30s or forties.

The teenage divorce rate can be lowered if more teenagers found better things to do with their time than get married. When you are a teenager there really are better things you can find to do with your time, I think than getting married. I am not saying you can’t have an exclusive relationship because obviously you can and even I do. But I do think that when you are a teenager, there are many experiments you need to be making – and some could be with potential vices like firing a gun, trying pot, getting wasted – so that all that evil is out of your system before you get married. Plus, you need to have some sexual experience. And you also need some financial experience. It would help if you have some relationship experience too, so you can understand and appreciate the give and take of a relationship, and experience what it is like to get your heart broken at least once before you marry.

I mean, there are so many things that need to happen during your teen years into your twenties, in my opinion, before you husband and/or wife someone else. I know this from my own personal experience and being young and making mistakes and just trying to figure out myself. I am not ready to settle down with anybody even as I rapidly approach thirty. I want to have a few lovers and a few pieces of experiences under my belt before I am ready to be a wife. I am just being honest.

Plus, it is the freedom factor, I think.  Older adults have had their shot at being free and that is why they can settle down and commit their lives to just one person without wondering what they are missing out on.

When you are young, I think you need a certain amount of freedom so that you can have the necessary amount of experience and so that you know that you are not missing out on anything. Sure, you can have a boyfriend or girlfriend but you really need to answer to yourself for a little while. After all, it is not so long that you had to answer to your parents and now you need some space to answer to yourself before you have to answer to a spouse. Going from your parents to a spouse does not give you room to have enough freedom. And for some people, it doesn’t matter, like Madge’s folks. But the teenager divorce rate being what it is, I think for a lot of people it does matter. It matters a lot.

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