Gwyneth Paltrow's Life After Divorce: Her Ex "Approves" of New Guy. Lessons on Getting Along in Extended Families

Gwyneth Paltrow’s life after divorce: What she can teach us about “getting along” after divorce in Extended families.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s life after divorce seems to be going just great.  Gwyneth and Chris Martin have been divorced at least a couple of years now. The couple had to have had the longest amicable divorce on record, after famously “consciously uncoupling” in 2015. The whole thing was so unusual that people are still sorting out its ramifications and what it means for their own lives and relationships.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s life after divorce is no worse for the wear. She is CEO of her start up GOOP where she sells products like vaginal jade eggs and exotic oils and she is dating a guy named Brad who was a producer on a TV show GLEE where they met prior to her divorce from Chris. (Brad is the spitting image of Gwyneth’s deceased father Bruce Paltrow.)

The amazing thing about Gwyneth and Brad’s relationship is not the fact that his  name is Brad like her first serious romantic leading man, Brad Pitt (who, post divorce from Angelina Jolie is dating Gwyneth’s doppelganger Sienna Miller).

This new relationship with this new Brad (Falchuk?) is amazing because her ex husband Chris Martin is rumored to have given her the high fives with this pick. Chris reportedly really likes Brad Fulchuck (Falchuk?) and he approves so much that on important family holidays, they all travel or party as a family unit.  Chris, who last I heard was dating an actress named Annabelle also brings his girlfriends along for these family outings and fetes. It is amazing and inspiring all at the same time.

What can the rest of us learn from Gwyneth this time about getting along after divorce to this amazing extent? Well, first, it matters how the first relationship ends. The fact that they divorced with so much love and respect helps in the aftermath, I think. For one of them to freak out after all that conscious uncoupling would smack of hypocrisy. So going the conscious uncoupling route is a sort of hedge against post divorce hatred and spite.

Gwyneth also has never paraded the new man in public. She is only now referring to him as “my boyfriend” in her YouTube videos and magazine interviews. This discretion is important because it shows a level of respect for her ex and does not demolish his ego in the way that say, Brad Pitt demolished Jennifer Aniston’s ego with the way that break up happened and the public displays of lust he exhibited including but not limited to that spread in W Magazine before his divorce from Jennifer was even finalized.

It also helps that there does not seem to be any accusations of infidelity or abuse in the Paltrow/Martin marriage and importantly, there has been no revenge porn. So these things help to secure a smooth transition to the next stage of their lives. Cooperating with being responsible and considerate co-parents does not hurt either.

So as far as Gwyneth Paltrow’s life after divorce there is a lesson in there somewhere for the rest of us. We just have to be discerning enough to figure out what that lesson or lessons could be.