Let's Ask the Black Widows of Japan Which is better: Murder or Divorce

The Black Widows of Japan prefer murder to Divorce

The black widows of Japan are renowned. This story about a Japanese woman named Chisako Kakehi is very interesting on a whole lot of different levels. This woman, 70, killed a bunch of guys she was intimately involved with and one of them was her husband. Why? Apparently, for the insurance proceeds which, I guess, would have been more lucrative than the equitable distribution or even the community property (which ever one Japan does) she would have gotten in a divorce.

But she is not the first and only Japanese chick who seems to have a penchant for poisoning and murdering their husbands for cash. Just a few years back there was another “black widow” in Japan named Kanae Kijima.

There are too many stories about the black widows of Japan. Is it something in the water over there?