Anthony Scaramucci's Divorce: Wife Deidre Ball Files for Divorce

Anthony Scaramucci’s Divorce: President Trump’s Communication Director Slaps Him With a Divorce Demand One Week After He Takes Job!

Anthony Scaramucci’s Divorce will be all the gossip in Washington New Week

It looks like Anthony Scaramucci, the new Communications Director for President Trump has opened up a Pandora’s box in his personal life by taking the job of Trump’s Communications Director. His wife Deidre Ball has reportedly filed for divorce.

The couple has two children and from his financial reports, several tens of millions of net-worth to divide. There is no indication that there is a prenuptial agreement at this time. However, Mr Scaramucci has indicated that he will not be discussing the divorce which is a private matter. He called it a “civilian” matter.

The timing is very curious and according to, Ms Ball claims she has no interest in the “insane” life in Washington. She just wants a quiet life on Long Island where she is a housewife and her husband’s ambitions seem to conflict with that.

Ambition can kill marriages as we have seen over the years but it is not conclusive that that was the problem in this short nuptial. (It appears they have been married only 3 years).
Stay tuned for updates as they come in.