The Divorce Bath Ritual Explained

The Divorce Bath Ritual

When you finally get your judgement of divorce, it is advisable to take a bath the same day. Why? Because it is nice, clean, rejuvenating and replenishing and it will make you feel fresh and brand new.

If it is at all possible, take it outdoors, in the open, in the sun and warmth (obviously not possible if you get divorced in winter when it is zero degrees outside so this is optional and depends on your circumstances).

Get a special soap and a clean rag for the occasion as well as a clean, crisp new bath towel.
You can choose an auditory aid which could be music or spoken word; as well as, you can choose silence.

Imagine, as you cleanse yourself that you are washing away all the past impurities and that you are making yourself fresh and new and creating a clean slate.

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