Are Brad and Angelina Secretly Back Together?

Are Brad and Angelina Back Together?

Are Brad and Angelina back together?? Has anyone heard anything new about Brad and Angelina Jolie’s divorce which was filed a year ago? Have they finalized it? Or are they still officially and legally husband and wife? It seems an awful long and quiet stretch in that situation. I hear rumors that they are thinking about reconciliation. I don’t know if I think it is a good idea or not…

Brad and Angelina Back Together….Maybe it is a good idea? What do you think?
Angelina must realize by now that being Mrs Pitt is much better than being the ex Mrs Pitt and so she for one is invested in this notion of “brad and angelina back together.” Let’s face it: Being with Brad gives her a lot more cachet and respectability. People take her more seriously. They frankly like her more. Kicking Brad to the curb is probably what he deserves for all his bad behavior and god only knows the extent of that. There are all sorts of rumors of all sorts of things he did, and has. But people love Brad and with him out of the picture they are openly hating on Angelina and without him, she probably is not going to have a Hollywood or political career. Nobody will be buying anything she sells whether in Tinsel Town or Syria.

Angelina needs Brad to realize her ambitions. The six kids she has look better on her arm when Brad is traipsing behind her in the airport. The UN Refugee Ambassadorship carries more weight when Brad is also doing his humanitarian things in New Orleans. Even her breasts are sexier and with him gone, they are just plastic.

He can do without her and still have a very successful career. I mean, look at him. He has become so weathered over the last years probably due to his heavy drinking but he can still be a leading man. With each passing day, Angelina’s days as a leading lady are numbered. Her best years as a sex siren on the big screen are definitely behind her.

Brad can find another Angelina in a New York minute. If he hooked up with Sienna Miller this will just turn Sienna into an A list actress. But who is Angelina going to hook up with to restore her career?

She is stupid to have dumped her meal ticket and would be very smart to take him back for more reasons than one.

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