Pop Star Rihanna "Relieved" When Her Parents Divorced. Do You Share These Sentiments About Your Parents?

Rihanna relieved when her parents divorced

The other day I was watching videos on YouTube and I saw this interview of pop star Rihanna (she looked so young and innocent!) and she basically admitted that when her parents divorced, she was relieved. That took a lot of honesty to admit that, I thought. She said that her parents being married caused her a lot of stress and so the divorce was just a big relief.
At the time of her parent’s divorce, Rihanna could not have been older than a teen.¬† It made me wonder how many other people teens or not, experience a sense of relief when their parents divorce. Normally, everybody assumes that when parents get divorced that the children are sad and isolated and lost and angry. It is not a usual reaction to say “oh, I was relieved when they decided to divorce and break up the family.”

It would suggest that her parents may have had a very volatile relationship with constant verbal and maybe physical altercations. And these must have been frequent and severe and not just merely the occasional fight for Rihanna to have been relieved when the whole thing ended. I am surmising. I don’t really know. Just a hunch.

In which case, it probably was a very toxic environment for everybody concerned, and yes, especially for the kids.

I still believe that a lot of parents are oblivious to how much their marital squabbles affect their children.

What about you? Can you identify with Rihanna? Have your parents divorced? Were you frankly “relieved”?

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