Jada Pinkett Smith Marriage: The Secrets to Avoiding Divorce and Staying Married More Than 20 Years

Jada Pinkett Smith Marriage: How does the Movie Star Keep Her Marriage to Will Smith Ticking For So Long Without Getting Divorced??

Jada Pinkett Smith marriage to Will Smith is the stuff that legends are made of in Hollywood and elsewhere. Can you believe the diminutive starlet has kept her marriage alive for more than 20 years! Not a lot of people in Hollywood have pulled that off. Denzel Washington did but his wife is not also in the business. At least, not to the extent that Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are both front and center in the business.

It is amazing that simple competition did not undo the Jada Pinkett Smith Marriage never mind all the other temptations and frankly, the passage of time. How did they do it?
Theirs is the kind of relationship that inspires a lot of envy all over the world. You can scarcely read an article about the Smiths without someone insinuating that their marriage is fake.

They have been accused of being gay swingers and many other lovely epithets simply because it is incredible that they could be truly in love, happy, and have sustained such a long marriage. It’s like, what’s wrong with this picture? The rest of us a miserable as heck and cannot sustain a marriage longer than a couple of years and they are lasting longer than the best made Ever Ready batterie. What’s going on?? So for most people, it is just easier to turn the Smith’s marital success into a negative and throw verbal curses on it.

But they have sustained. And they are a resilient couple and seemingly a happy, well adjusted family. What is their secret??

Well, we did not have the honor of actually speaking to Jada in person because, obviously, we are nobodies and the likes of Jada Pinkett Smith would not deign to talk to us. But we have listened to both Jada and her husband in interviews and we think we have her secret for a long marriage figured out. Here it is:

  1. You have to be friends with each other. Jada has said repeatedly that she and Will are best friends.
  2. You have to like yourself. She has said that first step is that they each like themselves and then when they come together, it just amplifies the whole thing.
  3. You have to have “heat.” Jada always talks about how they had a lot of heat between them – especially in the early years.
  4. You have to take care of yourself first.
  5. You have to have realistic expectations of each other and of yourself.
  6. Divorce can’t be an option.
  7. You have to play together.
  8. Having kids seem to help to cement these two.
  9. Take care of your physical appearances for your own sake and for your partner.
  10. Grow, evolve and change as time warrants.
  11. Don’t fight too dirty.
  12. Give each other a lot of public praise (keep criticisms private).

These are the ten basic rules I think Jada Pinkett would say are the secret to a happy marriage and to avoiding divorce. And they seem to have worked for her. So why not try them on for size in your own relationship if a long marriage (and avoiding divorce) is your goal?

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