The Big House Divorce Blues: 10 Reasons Your MacMansion Could Destroy Your Marriage


Having a big house could lead to divorce if both partners are not totally on board with the purchase of the house for any reason but is going along to make the other partner “happy” this could lead to issues and problems down the road. One partner may feel the need to “show off” and the other partner would prefer to be more low key. If at the outset they have a fundamental difference of opinion about getting the house in the first place, rest assured that if one goes through with the purchase with strong reservations that there is going to be trouble in that marriage before long on account of this house.

Too much space in a big house is bad for a relationship and could lead to divorce because it breeds distance not only in physical area, but mentally as well. It discourages intimacy, closeness and togetherness. It fosters an environment where everybody is in their own world – and this is bad for marriage and bad for families and bad for relationships.

A big house divorce is likely because the sheer breadth and width provides a lot of opportunity for cheating surreptitiously. Either spouse can find hidden areas to talk to or entertain their lovers right under the roof and nose of their spouse. Ultimately the spouse will catch them flagrante delicto but this betrayal, doing it right under the roof, is usually going to be unforgivable.

The upkeep of the house can lead to a lot of fights and squabbles too because you have not just the mortgage (unless you are rich and can buy the house cash) but you also have utilities, taxes, and repairs as well as yard work and furniture. These things are constant expenses over the life of the property and even for rich people, it can get taxing. This leads to stress which leads to fights.

Keeping up with the Joneses in the neighborhood can become a source of contention too. Everybody wants to have the biggest and best house and the greenest lawn. But not everybody has the same level of wealth. Even if the level of wealth is the same, however, one of the partners may not want to invest money in this silly pursuit of outdoing the neighbors. This can lead to huge conflict and serious marital trouble.

Extended family can be a problem when you have an overly big house because somebody invariably will think they have the “right” to move in – such as the in laws – since there is so much room. Or they may believe they are entitled to extended visits. This can cause friction between a couple especially when one of the spouses does not get along all that great with the in laws but may not want to be seen as the heavy who forbids in laws to stay over past their welcome. Instead, he or she seethes on the inside until the interlopers are gone and then all hell breaks loose in the house.

Boredom can set in IN A BIG HOUSE and divorce can follow when you have an overly big house because there is only so much satisfaction you can get from looking at your fabulous walls and your over-sized walk in closets. It can end up feeling empty and overwhelming especially if you don’t have a lot of children and family to fill the rooms and it is just the two of you. The excess space can just emphasize that the relationship is empty and lacking of other things.

Isolation & loneliness. Depending on where the Macmansion is located, it could be hard for your friends and family to stop by and see you as often as they used to. This can cause you to actually lose some of your close relationships and this in turn can tax your marriage because you put stress on your partner to fill the void and be all things to you.

Repair costs can be an issue with big houses & macmansions not just because of the cost but the disruption of their lives that result, depending on how extensive the repairs and how long the process takes. This can lead to rows that ultimately can lead to divorce.

10. Inheritance issues can also be an issue with big houses & macmansions. Depending on the situation, one party may want the home to be disposed of in a certain way in the case of divorce, separation or even death and the other party could have a totally different idea. And you guessed it. When that happens, it could be trouble for the marriage.

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