Can Divorce Lead to a Midlife Crisis? Think GOOP.


So, we were having a conference call the other day to talk about what our plans are now that summer is winding down and the conversation somehow led to Gwyneth Paltrow.
Just as a disclaimer, we tend to like Gwyneth around here and think she is pretty cool.
But it came up because someone suggested that GOOP is Gwyneth’s midlife crisis which was triggered prematurely after her divorce.

It led for an animated discussion but then I thought I would write a post about the midlife crisis and divorce. Truth be told Gwyneth started GOOP before her divorce. It was at least a couple of years before. So I doubt her divorce had anything to do with it. Granted, I do think the fact that she left her Hollywood career to sell some of the products she sells on GOOP like tarot cards and vaginal eggs is, maybe, a little bit…eye brow raising. To put it diplomatically. And it could be signs of a midlife crisis. But was it triggered by her divorce?

The thing is, even though her divorce happened a few years after she launched GOOP, the marital troubles obviously must have already been underway. Divorces have at least a 2-3 year gestational period where you are miserable as ever and working on trying to patch together what is left of your relationship and then, finally, one day, you just face reality and give up and file for divorce.

So in all fairness, GOOP could have been conceived around the time when Gwyneth was having the most severe marital problems.  And obviously, this could have caused Gwynnie a lot of stress and she could have internalized it and finally came up with a panacea for the angst and the suddenly having to face up to the fact that she was a woman of a certain age and her marriage as she knew it was ending. Next thing you know, she is selling vaginal eggs.
This is possible.

But is it a midlife crisis? Is it evidence of? It’s possible.

So can divorce lead to a midlife crisis? Premature or otherwise? I mean, I am not a shrink. But I am thinking that, yes, maybe.

Obviously, not everybody is going to be selling vaginal eggs. But there will be some other type of manifestation of the inner struggle and conflict…that occurs at a certain time of life, and that is exacerbated by a divorce.