Can Getting Sued Lead to Divorce? Is a lawsuit stressing you and your spouse?

Do you think getting sued can lead to your divorce?

Getting sued can lead to divorce. Not all the time for everybody but for a lot of people, if you get sued while you are married, your spouse could find the stress too much to handle and this potentially could destroy your marriage.

Actress Jennifer Aniston and her husband Justin Theroux were sued in 2017 for a wrongful death of a young woman when they were on their honeymoon in Bali in 2015. The family of the young lady, who apparently drowned during the festivities wants an undisclosed fee that some estimate to be in the millions. Do you think this lawsuit caused their couple stress? You better believe that it did. And the kind of stress that could totally cause a marriage to implode.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were allegedly sued by a French desginer in France concerning lighting work the designer claimed she completed on their 40 bedroom chateau Miraval, a wine-growing estate in the Var. Apparently, the woman sued the A listers for millions in unpaid service fees – and the Hollywood sweethearts were ordered to pay nearly half a million dollars by the French High Court.

Across the pond, pop/R&B crooner Usher was sued for millions by several parties who claimed he had infected them with an incurable sexually transmitted disease. Do you think this caused stress in his marriage to Grace Miguel?

These otherwise happy couples were plummeted into stress mode as a result. In the case of Brad and Angelina, their divorce had already been filed (even though as of this writing they are rumored to be on the mend). However, Jennifer, Justin, Usher and Miguel were married at the time of this writing and having to deal with the stress of a lawsuit while at the same time maintain a happy and stable relationship.

It could not have been easy.

This begs the question about the impact lawsuits can have on a couple and a relationship and a marriage. Can getting sued literally drive you to divorce? Could the stress of being on the hook for millions of dollars – even when you are rich – have a detrimental impact on your marriage?

It is not hard to imagine that in at least some instances, lawsuits can take a toll on a marriage. It does matter what the nature of the suit is, and the amount, of course. But no question, lawsuits can create undo stress and tax a marriage to its demise, and the blame and finger-pointing – depending on the situation – are the least of it. Getting sued can lead to divorce. Unless you are in a really solid situation.

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