Suddenly a bachelor? 6 Tips for recently divorced men struggling with divorce


  1. Never resort to violence, no matter what. That will only get you into more trouble.
  2. Chart a strategy for yourself for your long term survival of this divorce process that includes getting the right nutrition during this time; seeking spiritual guidance from church and religious organizations; socializing extra with friends and work colleagues to keep your mind off the stress of the situation; exercising; and laying off the alcohol and drugsĀ during this time.
  3. Read. There are so many books and magazines and blogs (like this one!) out there that are geared specifically towards men and their unique issues with this divorce situation. Educate yourself. Know your rights, talk to people, get good help. There are forums and support groups too. You are not alone. If you really feel that you can’t handle it, there is help from therapists, family counselor and psychiatrists. Get help. Don’t let this divorce destroy you and the life you worked so hard to build.
  4. Remain poised even if your ex is pushing all your buttons. Dude, men are supposed to be more level headed, aren’t they? Losing your cool can only get you into trouble and possibly even cost you a custodial relationship with your children. Stay calm. Go work out, pump some iron, keep up with your buddies, lose your self in work – whatever it takes to keep your cool and not let this process control you and push you over the edge.
  5. Fight for a relationship with your kids. Don’t let the divorce cause you to lose your right to be a dad. But remember that the kids don’t need warring morons post-divorce. They need parents – a mother and a father. So don’t take the bait if your ex is trying to have a war of the roses. Take the high road. You can exercise your right to be a dad without declaring war on your ex.
  6. Get busy with dating other women. Dude, why sit around moping when there are literally billions of women out there looking for a man and not being able to find a good one? Are you crazy? Take a plane ride to China and don’t come back till you find a new girlfriend.

So how is that for my man-specific divorce tips? Were these manly enough?

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