On When Someone Else's Breasts Leads to YOUR Divorce

BREASTS, DIVORCE: What to do When Someone Else’s Breasts Are Leading Your Husband to Divorce You

Breasts, are the devil! They are the snake in the garden of Eden. And these days, breasts are more diabolical than ever. Have you seen, for example, Ivanka Trump’s temptation pillars? Can’t you imagine a scenario where a guy oogles(?) her on TV or on the Internet till his fed up wife (probably a modest B cup) asks for a divorce?

It is not just Ivanka. With breast augmentation surgeries on the increase in America and around the world, men have become acclimated to mammary glands perfection and a woman whose breasts don’t measure up, will find herself, increasingly, losing her man to another woman with better, bigger, firmer and faker breasts.

And, I mean, I don’t make the rules so don’t shoot the messenger. Men like big breasts! And so they cheat with women with big breasts if not physically then emotionally, mentally, psychologically and intellectually. And guess what? The fact that he never touches the breasts does not lessen the infidelity. Infidelity is infidelity is infidelity.

The only way to fight back, in my view, is to get your own breasts up to snuff. If exercises don’t do the trick (and usually, because there is no muscle in them but only masses of fat, exercises for breasts are a total waste of time) then yes, you will have to consult your plastic surgeon. Because why should you lose your husband to a woman who bought her breasts at a medical/plastic surgery clinic? Gone are the days when men said ‘they just don’t feel the same.” Men don’t care anymore about what is real and what is fake. They just want them BIG.
In my opinion? Rather than risk losing your husband, go thee to the doctor and get yours bigged up, stat! I mean, for heaven’s sakes look at what big breasts and a big rear view did for Kim Kardashian’s life and career AND marriage!?

Run. Don’t walk.