When Divorce Leaves Your Friend a Mess: Lost, Wild, Out of Control, Crying Out for Help.

On when divorce leaves your friend a mess

Are you one of these people who has a friend whose divorce has left them a freaking mess?  The once calm, reasonable and classy person you once knew has before your eyes morphed into this wild, promiscuous, indiscriminate riff raff who has begun to hang out with all sorts of low lifes and degenerates?

This is a rare syndrome but it could happen and not as rarely as you think. When divorce leaves your friend a mess, you may not know what to do about it. You can find it difficult to decide whether to intervene and say something, or to mind your business and let them deal with their own situation as they see fit.

And the fact is, for most people, they do get past this phase and find themselves again. But for some people, it could actually lead to tragedy if someone does not intervene and encourage them to either get some help or just stop the behavior cold turkey.

When Princess Diana died in 1997, in Paris, she was in the company of a young man that many people felt was not suited to a woman like her. She was on the rebound from her divorce from her husband, Charles the Prince of Wales and she was with the son of an Egyptian billionaire who had been courting her for several months. It is not that this guy was a riff raff. Far from it. He seems to have come from a very affluent family who, at the time owned Harrods in London. But he was not a member of the British aristocracy and for someone in Diana’s position, this guy was definitely not someone the Queen of England would approve of.

This is probably not the best example of the title of this post, obviously, because most of us are not princesses royale and we sure as heck would not be slumming with Egyptian billionaires. But it is to say that post divorce, our friends may not always make the best choices; and not just in terms of rebound hook ups. It could be anything.

The decision of whether or not to intervene when divorce leaves your friend a mess can be torturous. But sometimes, it may be for your friend’s own good.