10 Things Everybody Should Learn From Divorce

Divorce lessons: 10 Things Most people learn from Divorce

There are many lessons you can learn from divorce. The thing is, divorce is a thing that can throw some people for a loop. But it is not always negative; there is a lot you can learn from divorce. From divorce, you can learn a lot of things about yourself and about life. Indeed, if we had had a Facebook page, which we don’t, we could probably have run a query to see what lessons people felt they learned from their divorce, but we can’t.

Instead, we decided to guess at what the lessons are that the average people learned from divorce, generally speaking.

Below are some possible lessons that the average person probably learned from their divorce:

  1. Who your true friends are.
  2. “Happily Ever After” is a relative term.
  3. Wedding vows are meant not to be taken so seriously (it is not a matter of life and death and this does not make you a bad person.)
  4. Life goes on.
  5. Love is a limitless resource (so you can keep falling in love and keep getting married as many times as you want.)
  6. Love and hate, actually, are almost the same exact thing (they sure come from the same place) and you can feel both these emotions simultaneously for the same person! Amazing!
  7. With love, there are, indeed, conditions – and frankly, for any self-respecting person, this is a good thing.
  8. Two incomes are better than one.
  9. Knowing is better than having nagging doubts.
  10. A peaceful home life is priceless.

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