How to Use a Drone to Catch Your Cheating Spouse

Did you know you can use a drone to catch your cheating spouse directly from your laptop??

Did you know you can use a drone to stalk or spy on a cheating spouse and unfaithful partner and do it right from your laptop?
One guy did just that. He figured out how to use a drone to catch his cheating wife and he and put his findings and graphics of his cheating wife on YouTube in what I found to be a very chilling video to be perfectly honest because this guy seemed real pissed.
But it did seem effective in giving him the answers he was looking for and he has more than twelve million pageviews from it so people really enjoyed viewing that video.
Clearly, it is necessary for us guys to “manage” our wives, I don’t doubt it, but this method of marital/spousal management is not for everyone and not everybody feels comfortable stalking wifey with a drone. I know I don’t. I’m just too much of a nice guy. It not only feels and sounds creepy, it really does take a certain kind of personality to even come up with an idea like this and thankfully, not all of us guys are into that. Some of us, however, think this technology is perfectly stupendous.
So how do you use a drone a catch your cheating spouse? Well, I don’t know. That is the frank truth. I am not one of those guys who understands how this stuff works.  And I don’t think it makes me less manly.
But you ever heard of the Parrot Drone? I was reading about it online and there are a bunch of websites that gives you step by step instructions of how to power up a drone and get it going. Here is one website. I hope to god it is totally legal to power up drones and program them to follow people, cause to be honest, I am completely ignorant about these things. I am not a lawyer guy.
So anyway, based on what I gleaned from these sites I think you will have to do a combination of things including:

  • Well, first you need to buy the drone and you can search Amazon or Radio Shack or one of them places for that.
  • Next, you will need a computer
  • After, you will have to download a drone app and save it on your computer.
  • You have to make sure the drone is in open air when you launch it. But that should be obvious.

There are other resources on the Internet to help you program your drone. Here is a how to drone programming tutorial by a young whiz on YouTube.
(And by the way, drones can be used to spy on not just cheating wives but cheating husbands too. 🙂 )
Again, before you program a drone to stalk your spouse, consult with your divorce attorney to ascertain this method of evidence procurement is legal in your jurisdiction.
Note that “stalking” is against the law and against our policies here at Divorce Saloon so we use that word in a non literal sense.
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last updated September 13 2017