Want a Divorce Because Your Husband Throws You Down The Stairs When He is Drunk, High or/and Angry?

When Your Husband Throws You Down the Stairs When He is High, Angry and Drunk Do You Stay or Get a Divorce?

So you husband throws you down the stairs from time to time and you want to know if you can get a divorce?
A recent headline involving a B List celebrity who was accused of throwing his girlfriend down the stairs during a drunken, drugged up rampage, inspired this post. Because it has got to be something that other women out there deal with from time to time given the stats on domestic violence incidences.
The thing is, some women in violent situations are absolutely terrified to leave an abuser because they believe that leaving , or trying to leave will result in more violence against them by this person. And often, they are not wrong. Indeed, often, the abuser warns the victim that leaving will lead to more violence, or even death.
It is a petrifying catch 22 but the thing is, staying will surely lead to more violence and even death just as much as leaving could. So, the victim has to make a decision: take a chance and run for it, and risk being killed by this sociopath? Or stay and risk being killed by this sociopath.
In just about 100 percent of cases, I would argue that the odds are better if the victim gets out of that situation as quickly as possible. She has to leave! Sure, he could track her down and hurt her nonetheless but he has to find her first and this could slow him down or even change his mind. She has to leave. Better to die while trying to defend your life than die sitting there or lying there taking someone else’s abuse. That is my position on this matter. DIVORCE THIS LOSER!
As for the man who keeps getting drunk and high and angry and taking his vengeance and frustration and rage out on someone who is not his physical match all the time like that? Why don’t you man up and get high and drunk and angry and take that shit to a pub with other drunken louse like yourself and hash it out like a real man rather than go home and beat up on your defenseless wife? Your fucking coward?
You lucky that wasn’t my sister, dude.
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