10 Ways to Fight Back When Your Rich (Billionaire!) Husband Declares He is Suddenly Too Broke to Pay You a Settlement

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Fight back! Is your rich (billionaire!)husband trying to cream you in divorce court by claiming he is too broke to pay you?

Here are a few steps you can take when your rich husband declares he is suddenly too broke to pay you a settlement:

  1. Ask the court to pierce the corporate veil: Why? Because a lot of times these guys hide money behind dummy corporations which were created specifically to shield them from financial obligations and responsibility.
  2. Hire a forensics team to investigate the sham financial affidavits. Why? Because a forensics team brings extra eye-balls that can catch discrepancies in financial reports and therefore begin to ask the right questions that ultimately leads to uncovering the fraud.
  3. Subpoena IRS filings (if you don’t file jointly) and get a tax expert to decode it. Taxes are one of the main ways these guys are able to get away with financial fraud.
  4. Get a private investigator to see if he or she has been spending money on a paramour and ask the court to reimburse the marital bank accounts in your favor for these expenditures.
  5. Provide proof (pictures, audio, video) of a lavish lifestyle that your spouse is living since your split and ask the court to impute income.
  6. See if they are hiding money in bitcoins. Bitcoins are a “crypto currency” and are usually totally anonymous, so they can be hard to track but depending on how the coins were bought, there could be a paper trail. Or try to find the password to the account and get help with opening up the account to see what is in it.
  7. See if they have transferred real property like expensive homes into someone else’s name like parents or corporations. This is often a standard move by these sorts.
  8. See whether they are hiding artwork and/or expensive vehicles in a  garage someplace. Look for leases or purchases of big open spaces and go there to see what is in it.
  9. See whether they have bought gold which is being hidden in a safety deposit.
  10. See whether there are suitcases of cash stashed in plain sight which it sometimes is.

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