How to safely and legally spy on your spouse to get dirt for your divorce(cell phone tips)


So how can you safely and legally spy on your spouse to get divorce dirt? Well, if, like Oksana, you can show that there is domestic violence, go ahead and tape him. You can legally wiretap phone conversations under certain circumstances without facing jail time. Felonies is one of them. If you are doing it to prove a felony, you can usually get away with it. If you are just doing it to “extort” money from your spouse, or to humiliate your spouse (and there is not circumstance that would rise to the level of an exception, such as domestic violence assault or other felonious acts) then don’t wiretap. You could do time in prison.
How else can you legally spy on your spouse? GPS is legal is it’s your car that the cheatah is driving. But that’s on your car, not your mobile. How can you legally spy on the mobile? I don’t know. I don’t think you can ever do that legally – even if its your phone. Because the laws usually state that both parties must know they are being taped for the tapes to be admissible, or for you to avoid running afoul of the anti-wiretapping statutes.
Of course, if you can get your spouse to leave a message on your answering machine that proves whatever you are trying to prove, that is admissible. They know they are being taped when they leave messages on your machine.
Oh, I know. Let’s say you are married to a gangster who is into racketeering or other crimes. Tip off the government. They will get the court to give them a warrant to wiretap. Then they would inform the cell phone company and the cell phone company would monitor the calls. Whatever is said during these tapes sessions is fair game, if, in fact, your spouse is a criminal. Then you may be able to subpoena these tapes for your divorce, assuming there’s anything on there, such as an affair, that would be germane to your divorce.
Did that make any sense? Probably not much. You know what? Forget everything I just said. I’m really just drunk.
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