Did Infidelity Ruin Your Marriage?

So many marriages over the course of time have been ruined by infidelity. Are you one of those people whose marial history involves infidelity or infidelities? Did infidelity ruin your marriage?
Obviously, you are not alone and in very good company too. Many, many people have had this problem. And the more gorgeous your spouse, according to research, the more likely they are to cheat on you. That is not to say an ugly spouse can’t cheat. But the more good looking, rich and famous ones are more prone it seems.
But should you let it? Why let infidelity ruin your marriage when it is so commonplace and so predictable? Before you even get married, you ought to realize that you stand more than a 50 percent chance of getting cheated on, or cheating yourself. Why get married if you are just going to get divorced over something you knew, or reasonably should have known was going to happen? Why not just find a way to deal and put up and shut up? Is it really a big deal? Can you honestly say it is a big shock or a big surprise? Are you daft? Or puritanical? Or what? Maybe you need to wake up and smell the coffee. I mean, I’m sorry but maybe you need to wake up and smell the coffee. And I don’t say that to be insulting but this is the 21st Century in case you forgot. Everything and everybody is loose nowadays. Cheating is not a big deal.
Even if you get a new spouse, you stand just as good a chance getting  cheated on again because infidelity is normal. Face up to it and accept it and don’t let it ruin your marriage. As long as your spouse does not bring home a disease, or an extra-marital and extra mouth to feed (especially if you have limited income) just deal with it. Because nobody is a  better odd when it comes to cheating. Everybody cheats. It is not a big deal.
Besides, you are lucky to have a spouse at all to have regular sex with. Everybody needs and deserves regular sex.
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