Does Your Husband Have a Mistress Who He Has Shacked Up Right Under Your Nose?


Some guys have all the luck and some guys are breathtakingly brazen with their adulterous liaisons. I mean, it is one thing to have a mistress and to cheat on your wife with her every time your wife turns her back for five minutes. It is another thing to shack this woman up in a mini mansion just mere blocks from where you live with your wife. How brazen!

Why do I bring this up? A recent celebrity cheating scandal. A popular talk show host who likes to take about other people’s business and romantic problems was the subject of wildfire gossip after it was alleged that her husband of more than a decade had been keeping a mistress in a mansion not so far from her (the wife’s) mansion.

The wife, always the last to figure these things out, laughed the whole thing off and said “I am standing by my man.” As if she is Skeeter Davis or something. The husband denied the whole thing, of course.

And fine.¬† Who knows what the truth is with this particular story? The issue is really you. Are you married to a man who has a woman shacked up right up under your nose? Is he financing her lifestyle at your expense? Do you know the bitch? I mean, she could be a friend of yours. Some friend. Yea, but it could be. And even if you don’t know her, where is your husband at this present moment as you are reading this? Is he home? Do you know exactly where he is? I mean, even if he is home, if your house is as big and Jay Z’s and Beyonce’s Los Angeles mansion (hotel!) he can be cheating right in the house and you don’t even know it.

It’s a mess. It is a sordid mess. My big question is, whatcha gonna do about it? Do you, first of all, believe him when he says “it’s not true”?

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