Married Your Teenage Baby Daddy in Shot-gun Wedding? How is That Working Out For You?

Should You Marry Your Teenage Baby Daddy in a y Shot-Gun Wedding For the Baby’s Sake?

When teenagers get pregnant, of course it is not always the most ideal situation and a lot of times a shot-gun wedding will follow. It is not just that they don’t have money to pay for the upkeep of their children (except if you are Kyle Jenner and head a billion dollar make up empire!). It is also that they lack maturity, life experience and the now how to care for themselves never mind a helpless baby who is totally dependent on the judgment of this person who is still in large part a child themselves.

Well, have I got some questions for you. First of all, do you fit this profile? Are you a teenager who got yourself knocked up and then were forced to marry this baby daddy?

  • If so, how long have you been married?
  • Is the marriage a happy situation?
  • Would you still have married this person if you hadn’t fallen pregnant? And was the marriage your idea (and your partner’s?) or was it your parents or some other adult who strongly encouraged you to tie up the knot with this person due to the pregnancy?
  • Do you regret the marriage?
  • Are you still even married?
  • And how old are you now?
  • Finally, if you had to advice a teenager who is currently pregnant whether to get married for the baby’s sake or not, what would you advise?

It takes more than a lot of money to be a good parent. Money does help and teenagers like Kylie Jenner can hire experts to help her develop her parenting skills beyond taking selfies of her latest bra and panties and splashing it all over Instagram. But if you do not have money like Kyle, and on top of that you are a teenager who is pregnant and about to escalate the situation by getting married, well, I guess all I can say is “good luck with that.” I think you are going to need some good luck.
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