What Does a Limp Hand Holder Say About The Longterm Prospects of Your Relationship or Marriage?

The Limp Hand holder is Bad News Long Term

I think a limp hand holder is a bad news. I have observed several celebrity couples’ hand-holding style and I have to tell you, every time I see a celeb who holds hands with his girl or wife but it is limp? I can always predict that the relationship is not going to work out.

The limp hand holder problem is relevant to the guys mostly. They are the ones who have to exhibit a firm grip on their girl. It is from them that you can usually predict the trajectory of the relationship. But sometimes the woman’s grip can also speak.

A limp hand holder is a bad news for several reasons and it says several bad and negative things about the guy and about the relationship. And it is not just about his libido either. It really is more about his commitment. He is not holding on for dear life to the relationship or the woman and he is not deeply committed.

It goes back to the jungle. If a primitive man did not hold on tight to his girl, another man could come and snatch her away. It is a protective move and it is marking territory as well. It comes naturally, too. You cannot fake it and you do it or don’t do it by instinct.

What about you? What kind of hand-holder would you say your husband or boyfriend is? Is he a damp limp biscuit? Or is he firm, hot and strong?
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