Do You Regret Marrying the Person You Divorced? Yes or No?


A lot of people regret marrying the person they end up divorcing. Are you one of them? Indeed, it is startling the number of divorced people who have admitted that they wish they had never married the person in the first place.

Why do so many people regret their marriages? Is it because they married with their eyes wide shut? Is it because they were too young to understand the marriage commitment and what it was about? Or maybe they were too old by the time they got married and thus set in their ways and thus could not really settle into the routine of this togetherness thingy? Why do so many people live to regret their marriage?

Cause let’s face it: a lot of people – even those who do not admit it – end up regretting the marriage and that is singularly the reason the divorce rates are so high all over the world. It is plain regrets. Oh, sure, some people have no regrets. Even if the marriage did not work out, they part ways and they consciously uncouple but they do not “regret” it. But for the vast majority of people who end up getting divorced, they regret the whole thing, big time. But the question is, even if they do regret the experience, is it necessarily a bad thing? Could feeling regretful actually be healthy? Especially if the choice inmate was a real doozie?

Maybe this feeling is a protective mechanism to prevent you from making the same mistake a second or third time?

Or does “no regrets” always apply?

Are you one of those people who regrets the day you ever agreed to marry the person you married? We would love to hear your story.
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