Even When You Are Divorcing, You've Got to Squeeze in Gym Workouts

You’ve Got to Squeeze in Gym Workouts Even When Divorcing, Y’all

Physical fitness is so important and you’ve got to continue to squeeze in gym workouts even when you are divorcing. In fact, maybe it’s even more important to do that when you are divorcing than normal because, during this time, stress levels are very high and so is your build-up of cortisol and your intake of fat (which is really bad news for the middle section).
Of course, your divorce is like a full-time job in some cases and you have so much to handle during this time not to mention the complete disruption of your rhythm and your routine. Often times, the last thing you are thinking about is working out and squeezing in gym workouts.

But you should not let yourself go completely during this time if you can absolutely help it. You should fight to keep fit and healthy and strong. You should, idem, keep on squeezing in gym workouts. Because you do have a future after your divorce and life does go on and you are going to want to look and feel great and feel new. But you don’t want to have to do too much work – especially, if, god forbid, you let yourself get overly humongous and out of shape and then have to work your way all the way back. This is gonna be hard. So you might as well not do this to yourself and just keep squeezing in gym workouts along the way while you are fighting with your soon to be ex over the kids, the house and the alimony.

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