Your Starbucks Lover Pressuring You To Leave Your Spouse?


Apparently, and quite shockingly (not!), Starbucks is major venue for cheating spouses. It is not just the place to meet after hooking up on Craigslist, but it is also the place to meet after the affair has been in full swing as well.

Are you one of those folks who is using Starbucks as a destination for your adulterous trysts? And even more pressing, is your Starbuck lover pressuring you to leave your spouse? And if so, are you going to do it?

The thing is that, what you have to remember is that, the grass is always going to seem greener when you are sitting in a cozy corner with your Starbucks lover sipping a latte. Why is that? Who knows? Whether it is the ambiance, the sugar, or the impossibly seductive jazz emanating from the speakers, it is hard to say. But the place can be an intoxicating elixir that makes the idea of dumping your spouse seem not just plausible, but what you absolutely must do.

I am not here to tell you to give in to your Starbucks lover and dump your spouse or not to give in to your Starbucks lover and stay with your spouse. All I am saying is that it can be dangerous to make any decisions about your marriage at Starbucks. So you might just want to hold off, head this person off and maybe even stop hanging out at Starbucks till your mind clears up.
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