Did Your Inability to Quit Smoking Destroy Your Marriage?

A bad smoking habit is unattractive and the inability to quit smoking has bedeviled many gorgeous people over the course of their lives. But can this struggle destroy a marriage? Is your husband or wife going to demand a divorce because of your inability to quit smoking? It’s not like being addicted to Marlboros is the same as being addicted to cocaine or even weed – a situation that could be a legal ground for divorce in some states.

These days, in just about all 50 states, you can get a divorce without alleging “fault.” So even if your spouse is habitually high or intoxicated, you don’t even have to get into it. You can just allege “irreconcilable differences” and call it a day. But you do have the option of using the intoxication or addiction as the “fault” for which you seek a divorce.

The inability to quit smoking is probably a form of addiction. The person suffering this addiction may not be “habitually drunk or high” but they are nevertheless addicted and for one reason or another, their spouse finds this to be a difference they cannot reconcile and they want out. In such a case, there really is no reason to even go into the smoking issue – even though that is the reason for the marriage disintegrating. They can just go the no-fault route.

But it is such a shame, isn’t it, to lose a spouse because you have this vice.

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