Reinvention After Divorce: 10 Rules for Your New, Single Life

Want a Reinvention after divorce?:    10 Rules for your New, Single Life

Want a reinvention after divorce to restart your life?

So you are thinking about a reinvention after divorce for yourself. Well, guess what? A lot of people tend to. And you know what?  It is not very hard to pull off. Consider the following tips below for starters:

  1. Get a more fashionable and/or edgy wardrobe – including a badass leather motorcycle jacket.
  2. Get a name change. This is especially important if you had taken your spouse’s name during marriage
  3. Change your accent (sort of the way Madonna did)
  4. Change your signature.
  5. Lose 15 pounds even if it makes you slightly underweight.
  6. Get a new shoe wardrobe filled with designer originals and knock offs if need be. A great designer to try is Balmain.
  7. Get a colorful, sporty, new car.
  8. Start hanging out/date with people up to 20 years younger than you.
  9. Move to a new city.
  10. Adopt a kid (of a different race).

There are many other ways to achieve reinvention after divorce. This list is hardly exhaustive and is only meant to be a starter/teaser. Check back for more inspiration in a few days.

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