Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman: Divorce Imminent Following Sexual Harassment Allegations?

Will this Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment Scandal End his Marriage to Georgina Chapman?

Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein and his lovely designer wife Georgina Chapman seem a match made in Tinsel Town heaven. But now that a slew of starlets and aristocrats have accused the mogul of sexual harassment, will his wife, frontwoman for the Marchesa fashion label, dump him?

When Harvey met Georgina, she was a fledgling fashion designer who needed a heavyweight to help with her marketing. Harvey was the perfect guy as he has a reputation of being able to push to get what he wants.

Mr. Weinsten, the co-founder of the hugely successful American powerhouse film studio, Miramax, and BFF to GOOP’s Gwyneth Paltrow, is threatening to sue the New York Times for publishing the report about Harvey’s alleged sexual harassment of Hollywood starlets like Ashley Judd. He has denied these allegations as being PATENTLY FALSE. He claims there are many eyewitnesses who can debunk these allegations and he claims that the New York

Times rushed to publish falsehoods about him.

Does his wife Georgina Chapman believe him? Will she stay with her beleaguered husband or bolt for the nearest exit?

Some people are saying that Harvey’s recent troubles with these accusations of sexual impropriety could negatively impact his wife’s fashion label – especially depending on how the wife handles the whole situation. Will she stand by her man? Ask for a divorce? Disavow his behavior?

What will Georgina Chapman do about this scandal of Harvey’s?

Un Oh. Georgina files for separation/divorce

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