Harvey Weinstein Divorce Inevitable?

Harvey Weinstein Divorce

A second Harvey Weinstein divorce is bound to happen. Because second wife Georgina is at her limit

It appears that Mr. Weinstein has been having trouble with controlling his impulses with women for some time. The burly, unkempt mogul was involved just a few years ago, in an embarrassing sting operation conducted by the NYPD. It was 2015. An Italian model accused Mr. Weinstein of putting his hand up her skirt during a business meeting in his Manhattan office. A phone call that was under surveillance by the NYPD appeared to confirm the woman’s accusations that Mr Weinstein had molested her.

At the time it is reported that his wife Georgina Chapman was embarrassed and humiliated but that she had no intention of leaving her husband or filing for divorce because she was in love with him and wanted to support him.

Georgina is a gracious, kind and loving person who loves her husband and cherishes her family life but she has clearly reached her limit with her husband’s philandering and sexual improprieties and who can blame her?

A second Harvey Weinstein divorce is almost a sure bet at this point. Georgina is his second wife and they have been together for nearly a decade. Even though Mr. Weinstein has flown to Europe to get help with his sexual addictions, this is unlikely to patch back together this union. Georgina is fed up and no one can blame her because her fashion line Marchesa will be totally destroyed and her children will be destroyed by the behavior of this person she married in 2007.

Why did Harvey Weinstein divorce his first wife? Well, you take a guess.