Divorce Diary of Georgina Chapman

Dear Diary
Oh God.... Just let me try to exhale for a second.....this situation was a long time coming, obviously. I mean, I knew from day one that this day would come. Why did I marry him in the first place? I mean, people look at us and think that we are beauty and the beast and they can't fathom what I ever saw on him to begin with.
Yes, my husband is ghastly in the sense that he is a heavy set guy. I understand how people would find this ghastly and unattractive. I never pretended to be attracted to my husband for his money and possessions and this offends me that anyone would think that. He is a very sexy man in his own strange way and I was attracted to that and to his power and his position, of course. All of it was a part of who he is and was and I truly found my husband very, very masculine and very, very attractive. And we had a great sex life and my two children are a testament to that. This was a real marriage and a real relationship and it wasn't about what he could do for Marchesa. I could have made my company successful without Harvey Weinstein, thank you very much.
But this problem he has with women is one I knew would end our marriage. Just a few years ago, that situation in New York. I mean, wow. And it almost broke us but I hung in there and I gave him a chance. Second and third and fourth and fifth.
Well, I have reached my limit with Harvey and I don't want to give him any new chances. Granted, a lot of these allegations are before we got married. It is not like any of these people are saying this happened last week. So these are old allegations. But come on, this is humilating and I think anybody can forgive me for wanting to get out. I refuse to be associated with this filth. I refuse. I am not Tammy Wynette, OK? I am not Hillary Clinton. I am not going to stand by my man no matter what he does. I have my principles and this man has violated every single one. It is a form of violence, really and I've had enough. Enough is enough.
I mean, this is not a marriage, I can't stay married to this man?! I have my dignity and I have my pride. It's like, even Nupita? In front of our children?? Are you serious? Come on!
Look, I can do better. I am a young, beautiful and accomplished woman. I can do better. And I will get what is due me because we have a lot of community property all over the country and I am due half of it. I want the apartment in New York and I want the house in Connecticut. He can have the place in LA. And I want sole custody of my kids. And the Rolls Royce. I want the Rolls Royce. He is unfit as far as I am concerned to share custody of my children. 
He did not make my company successful so I really resent that, btw. I created Marchesa and I and only I worked to make it the success it is today. It is not successful because of Harvey Weinstein but in spite of Harvey Weinstein.
Next time around, I am going for a guy who is flat-bellied. I am over sleeping with overweight guys. Seriously, I refuse to slum ever again.
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(this is a fictitious diary entry, folks)