Divorce Diary of Harvey Weinstein

Dear Diary
I am sitting here in my self-imposed lock-up watching rice boil as I try to rehab myself. Well, people are trying to rehab me and rid me of my inner demons as a sexual predator. I admit that I have not always behaved well. I behaved badly a few times in my life and I crossed the line a few times with a few women but does this make me satan? Does this make me unworthy of having a friend who comes to my defense? Am I am suddenly all evil? No good can be found in Harvey Weinstein?
It is interesting. It is very, very interesting. All these people come out to say I harassed and molested them. For decades! And never a word was uttered. Now, suddenly, there are nearly 100 broads who say I behaved like a schmuck towards them.
I will tell you the truth:
I am a man of heightened virility. OKAY? I have a nature that is highly sexed. So what? I did not give myself this nature. I was born with it. I am as much a victim of this nature of mine, as these women who claim I victimized them. But to suggest I ever engaged in nonconsensual sex with anybody in this town? This offends me. I have never done that. They can accuse me of victimizing them all they want but rape is where I draw the line. I have never done that.
And yea, sure, I victimized them with award winning careers and movie deals. I got them Oscars and with that millions of dollars in the bank with which they could purchase swanky real estate and other dons and basically reign supreme in this town. What a monstrous cad I was for doing them those favors.
But how many of them will admit that they flirted with me hoping for help boosting their careers into the stratosphere? Sure, I would never ask this question out loud because I will be an even bigger heavy but how many of them who protest so loudly decades later will admit the outfits they wore to see me in those hotel rooms they claim I victimized them in? Look, I am not saying that a woman's attire gives a man the right to flirt with her. But I don't think you can have it both ways. You come on to a man, you flirt, you were suggestive clothing and then he makes a pass and suddenly, you maidenhood has been offended.
My soon to be ex wife. Boy, I could say a lot there. No, I am not going to say that she married me for my money because that would be not so nice. OK? But she must have gotten whip lash with the speed with which she careened out of our marriage. Am I surprised? You know what? If I can be perfectly hones? Yes and no. I was and  wasn't. She stuck it out longer than I gave her credit for, to tell you the truth.
Now, I have to think about protecting my money because obviously they are all going to come after me for my money and I have to protect my money from these parasites. I will be damned if they are going to leave me penniless on the streets of Los Angeles with sores in my legs, begging passer-bys for some coins. This is going to a very nasty and epic fight I am gong to have to fight for my money because I can't let anybody, including Georgina, come out of nowhere and take what I worked hard for.
Where were they when I was struggling, penniless and a nobody? Nothing like a little success and cash to attract the best of them in this world. Take all my money and homes and cars away and I know what I am and where I am. I know who will look at me twice. Believe me, I am not an idiot. Especially not when it comes to my money.
My brother...I am not even going to go into it. That is a whole other entry. But wow. Wow! And you know what? Not a friend to be found in this town. That is hard because I think I have been nice to at least a few people. But even those people who I thought would say a good word or at least stay out of it...Matt. Ben. George. All these guys? Wow.
I mean, look. I know I am in some deep shit right now. Everybody is investigating me and I frankly don't know how this will end. I could be in some trouble. But I am going to fight for my truth. I am not that bad as they are trying to make out. I made some mistakes. But I never forced myself on anybody without their consent. If I made the pass and they weren't interested, I left them alone. That was mu M.O. and they all know it. I feel especially bruised by Gwyneth because I have always had her back. But at least she didn't say I raped her or anything like that.
Georgina better not think for one minute that she is going to take my kids away from me.

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