Is Jealousy Destroying Your Marriage?

Is Jealousy destroying your marriage?

You could be destroying your marriage with your constant fits of jealousy and not even realize it. You may think your jealousy proves that you love hour spouse very much and will defend your relationship against intruders. But your constant fits of jealously could really be destroying your marriage little by little.

What is your jealousy really saying to your spouse? Maybe in some cases it could be saying that you are in love and only want to protect your relationship. But it could also be saying that you are distrustful, angry, insecure, unbalanced, frightening, paranoid and unprofessional.

The latter message, obviously, is destructive to a relationship. Who wants to stay married to someone who is angry all the time or whose fits leaves them feeling “frightened”? Who wants to feel like their spouse is angry with them all the time or that their spouse does not trust them?

The thing with jealousy is that, it is complicated because sometimes, there is a basis for your feelings of insecurity. You could be married to an insensitive, cheating, untrustworthy jerk who is the real culprit who is destroying your marriage (but making you look like the heavy when you resort to jealous fits). So this post is not meant to condemn the person who is probably really the victim in this situation. But it is to say that sometimes, this intense jealousy is really a character flaw, and a weakness that you have. It is to say that sometimes this jealousy is destroying your marriage for no good and justifiable reason and you should consider getting professional help with rebalancing your perceptions, nerves and emotions.

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