Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez: Is this Real? Or is the Yankee Superstar Playing ?

Alex Rodriguez & Jennifer Lopez are the hottest ticket in Tinsel Town right now. They are everywhere, soaking up a lot of cosmic Hollywood dream couple rays. They photograph really well together and Jennifer even professed her love on Social Media (before Alex did, btw). Alex famously helped out Jennifer when she raised millions for Puerto Rico after the hurricane and they both gush regularly about how perfectly their families fit together (he has two kids from a previous relationship with Cynthia Rodriguez and she has twins with Marc Anthony).

The question is, can this thing last or is Alex just playing with Jennifer? The former Yankees pitcher’s ranking rose steeply since he has been dating the latin diva, no doubt about it. He clearly likes to hang out with her and they go on very extravagant trips including to the South of France this summer by private jet. They are also said to be house-hunting for a place together as Jennifer has put her New York apartment on the market recently.

There is one problem. When you look at the majority of photographs of this couple, it is Jennifer who is looking up lovingly at Alex. He is hardly ever caught looking down at her while she is looking up. He is always hamming for the cameras. Once or twice he is caught looking back, but usually, she is the one who is swooning. This is a very bad sign. Jennifer is clearly the one who is in love and Alex is clearly the one who is in lust (maybe) and having a good time.

The question is whether at the end of this joy ride, whether he is going to commit or whether the celebrity athlete will bolt for other pastures leaving the Grammy-winning host of American Idol once again looking for a new man.

She certainly has had a lot of new men in her life and so if he dumps her, she won’t take too long to find another dream hunk to hook up with. But she clearly has marriage on her mind with Alex Rodriguez. She clearly wants a commitment and she is dropping loud hints every chance she gets in every interview and also in social media and in those convenient shots she always manages to take while she is looking up at him with doggy affection.

One can only hope that Alex Rodriguez and¬† Jennifer Lopez will tie the knot for Jen’s sake. But based on most of their pictures together, he doesn’t exactly seem like he is in it for the long haul. We surely hope we have him pegged wrong. What do you think? What do you think about Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s odds as a couple? Is there going to be a marriage here? And how many carats will he give her for her engagement ring if he actually does pop the question?

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