Did You Know That New York Has One of the Lowest Divorce Rates in America?

lowest divorce rates
New York has one of the lowest divorce rates in USA!

Quick, which states has the lowest divorce rates in America? I don’t know which is the absolutely lowest to tell you the truth but did you know that NEW YORK HAS ONE OF THE LOWEST DIVORCE RATES IN AMERICA?

Does that even make any sense?? When you think of states that have the lowest divorce rate in America, New York probably does not make your list.

You would think with so much opportunity for sin, crime and debauchery that the Big Apple would have one of the highest rate of divorce second, maybe, only to Las Vegas. But having the “opportunity” does not mean that New Yorkers are taking advantage of that. Apparently not. Otherwise, the state of New York would not have one of the lowest divorce rates in America. Where did I even get this stat? I believe I read this on the New York Post a few days ago. I don’t have the link to the article, but I am sure I read in at the New York Post, maybe on Page Six, that New York has one of the lowest divorce rates in America How is that for a divorce industry buzz?

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